Pueblazumas Revenge

Let me apologize for not writing for a few days. As you might have guessed from the title, I’ve been pretty ill for the last three or four days. Actually, on and off for a couple weeks now, plus a slight cold. This bug I got from Cafe Atitlan in Guatemala has been coming and going every several days and is driving me insane. It’s literally ruining my Puebla trip. I didn’t get to do any of the things I wanted to.

I can’t eat the delicious food that is served in every other building (only smell it – which sucks). I’m on a banana and water diet (which sucks). I’m now over budget since I’m staying in a hotel for longer than planned (which sucks). I’m also sick as a dog and have lost quite a few pounds (in the midsection, too – victory!).

Anyway, things in Puebla were ok at first as I was putting away tacos al carbon, quesadillas al carbon, chilaquiles, coffee, muffins, tortas… I was feeling like I was over the bug. Then I started feeling slightly ill again. And, instead of listening to my instinct on Wednesday morning, I passed by a torta shop that had this wonderful sandwhich posted on display. Naturally I stopped in to buy one.

This deceptively charming little delight is called a Cemita Cubana. Don’t let the size fool you. It has a fresh piece of perfectly toasted bread with a GIANT sliver of breaded pork, a piece of ham, several sausage slices, lettuce, tomatoes, onions and avocado. Sadly, I knew the storm that was coming before I even ate it.

Inside a Cemita

Inside a Cemita Cubana

Coffee and a Cemita

Coffee and a Cemita

So, after a day of extreme discontent and 3 days of eating bananas and mangos, I’m feeling better. But, I think I need to get out of Puebla because the food is just too tempting.

Also, I’ve had to move down from my $30 “love motel” at El Hotelito to a more budget friendly option. Enter Hotel San Pedro.

This place stinks. Literally. The bathroom smells bad and sometimes the water doesn’t work. The lamp looks like a jenga puzzle about to fall over. The toilet is finicky and it took me 3 minutes to figure out how the key worked in the front door. The ladies that work here are loud and ask that I give them my key when I go out. The other guests argue all morning (cabron this and cabron that). Here’s what $15 per night gets you in Puebla, Mexico.

Lavish, Charming... Pink

Lavish, Charming… Pink

But it’s in a perfect location between my two favorite spots, the Zocalo and Paseo Bravo, which is a large park that I frequently visit. In fact, it’s the largest one I’ve seen so far in my travels.

Paseo Bravo has a different feel than the Zocalo, but works almost in the same way. It serves as a place for kids and adults to go to make out, have street food, exercise, walk, talk, or just pass through on their way to the other side of town. I like sitting at the cafe with a coffee and muffin and watch how crowded it gets. It’s always busy and I just nearly decided against committing to an apartment for $300 per month that was 2 blocks away.

Paseo Bravo is a Large Park

Paseo Bravo is a Large Park

I’m probably going to leave for Guanajuato tomorrow, but I really hope I make it back here again sometime.

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