Off To Guanajuato, First Class Style

Sadly, my time in Puebla had come to an end and it was time to hit the road again. There’s something special about Puebla, but I want to come back when I feel better and enjoy all it has to offer.

Bus Travel, Mexico Style

And now that all my inconvenient illnesses are settling down for a minute, I felt it safe to get back to life on the road. And boy do I love the buses in Mexico! Moving from city to city is actually enjoyable and I always get a ticket by just showing up and buying on the spot. Not only that, all but one time I’ve had no one sitting next to me for the whole trip. It was no different this time when I left Puebla’s bus station, CAPU (which is like the JFK Airport of buses). Check out, if you have absolutely nothing better to do, this ungodly boring video of what I’m talking about.

Pretty wild video, huh? I’ll refrain from posting those any further, but it’s just such a large station I felt the need to make a video. Not only that but the bus I took, Estrella Blanca (Futura line), was the best one so far. I got a neck pillow, headphones, chips, an energy bar and a soda.

* There’s an even higher standard of bus travel that costs just a little more. I won’t take it, but if you’re a middle class citizen and you want to feel like an absolute baller, you’re only about $15 away from living like a billionaire (that rides the bus).

Check out my new ride. Tons of new movies, music from several genres, video games and puzzles on a touchscreen monitor. For an eight hour ride, it doesn’t get too much better than this.

I watched Battleship, The Big Year (which conveniently put me right to sleep) and listened to November Rain about 13 times.

First Classing It - Estrella Blanca

First Classing It – Estrella Blanca

Eventually I end up in my location (after having to ask numerous people numerous times if we were in Guanajuato yet – it’s absolutely Bush League that they don’t tell you that you’ve arrived in “X” station. On the other hand, now I know what each station looks like and I’ll no longer be THAT guy if I ever go back).

So, I get off the bus with a plan to have a taxi take me to one of two hostels I have written down. Unfortunately some cheeseball, salesman-looking guy shows up and convinces me to stay in this hotel right in the middle of town (the Centro). Since I didn’t have any fixed arrangements, and after talking him down to $15/night for a private room, I agree and take a taxi to his recommended Hotel Posada Juarez. What a dump. Worst place I’ve stayed at. I give it One Star only because I didn’t die there. That’s my testimonial for this place.

Anyway, after a long bus ride and still trying to settle this stomach bug (and now head cold), I kept it cool for the night and ended up relaxing in my room most of the evening. I ventured out a bit, but it was just too crowded and I wasn’t feeling like exploring. Here’s my contribution from sitting in my room for a few hours last night…

Mexican Money

I’ve decided that Pesos are really cool. Check out the pictures below and you can see that each denomination is not only a different color, but they’re a different size. I love that. It’s easier to differentiate when they’re in your wallet.

Right now it’s roughly 13.5 Pesos to 1 Dollar and, as far as I know, these are the common denominations. Bills go as low as 20 Pesos, then you use coins (10, 5, 2, 1, and 50 centavos – 20 centavo not shown below).

Mexican Pesos

Mexican Pesos

Of course the downside of carrying pesos this large is that anything over 100 is kind of useless since most places won’t, or will lie about having change. Not only that, I usually get the gringo treatment when they give me change (i.e. instead of giving me a 10 Peso coin, they’ll literally count out some of the SMALLER centavos and dump all their 20 and 50 centavos on me. It’s cool, though, because I just use them for tips (cause I don’t want them either).

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