Oaxaca for Two Days

I only ended up staying in Oaxaca for 2 days (at Hostel Don Niño). Although I feel I was in the best spot, Oaxaca de Juarez, and directly in front of an extremely popular park, I decided after 2 nights that I wanted my own room. But here’s the scoop on what I saw…

Everywhere in Mexico seems to have these central plazas where people go to hang out and be social. There’s usually a large church right next to it. The park directly in front of my hostel was pretty cool.

Park in Oaxaca - El Llano

Park in Oaxaca – El Llano

On Saturday night, this was definitely the place to be – young couples hanging out, people walking around the perimeter, food carts, tents set up as stores, and children riding free electric Bigfoot or Barbie cars. 100% the place to be on Saturday night. In fact, I stepped out to walk the perimeter, buy some ice cream and watch the world go by.

On Sunday morning, before my free breakfast at the hostel, I picked up a local paper in the park and read it while joggers did their laps and old people did Tai-Chi by the other fountain (not pictured above).

I did a few other things while in Oaxaca, but not as much as I originally planned. And I’m still having foot issues from walking so much, so I didn’t get to do any tours in Oaxaca. I’ve also had this debilitating stomach thing for like 2 weeks now – after eating a deceptively delicious hamburger and fries at Cafe Atitlan in San Pedro (negative testimonial)… speaking of which, I also stayed at their hotel, Casa Atitlan, for 2 nights and they did nothing to shut up the 3am hallway partiers both nights (strike two and three). End Rant.

Anywhoooo, the dorm experience at Hostel Don Nino was not bad at all and it’s quite possible that I’ll do it again due to the cheap prices ($11). It was super clean and I had my own 4-bunk room to myself (probably because I’m old – sad face).

Hostel Don Niño Dorm

Hostel Don Niño Dorm

Hostel Don Niño - Brown and White Building

Hostel Don Niño – Brown and White Building

The 2nd night, they put an Italian brother and sister team with me. They were really cool. Or, maybe they were scrubs and I just couldn’t understand a single thing they said to me. Trying to have hand conversations with the Italian-only sister was near miserable and, almost worse, was trying to have a Spanish conversation with the brother whose Spanish accent is so thick, it shouldn’t even really be considered Spanish. But, they were about 30 and we got along great despite the differences.

I also met a group of Israeli guys and we had dinner and shared stories. I showed them pictures of Lago Atitlan, prices in the area, told them of all the Israelis down there, and that was enough for them to decide they were going to go there on their way down through Central America. They liked my suggestions! In fact, my Italian roommates later suggested I skip Veracruz altogether, so I did! I’ll do it later, though, since bus rides are incredibly cheap.

Also, on my last night, I met this Mexican guy that was staying there as a layover while traveling through Mexico. He splits his time as a graphic designer in Dallas and Mexico, but we talked for a couple hours and he’s gonna set me up with his friend in Puebla. Perfect.

So, while not a lot happened in Oaxaca, I met some cool people and enjoyed my area. I also sporadically decided to go to Puebla, which is where I’m at now.

Noteworthy: It’s kind of funny how I have been exposed to so many different Spanish accents – Aussie, British, American, Italian, Israeli. They all sound different. It’s kind of like when you hear a foreigner speak English and you can recognize their accent.

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