Last Week In San Pedro

So, last week was supposed to be my last week in San Pedro, but I hurt my foot and don’t really want to travel through Mexico on a gimp leg. I found some cheap accomodations, though, and plan on resting for a few days. Of course, it hasn’t stopped me from doing a few things.

Last week there were a few new students at the school so I got a chance to hang with some English speakers for a change. One of them was this girl from the US and we decided to go kayaking the other day. I’ve been wanting to do this since I got here because when I have my classes, I sometimes (always) tune out when my teacher isn’t looking and watch the kayakers take off across the lake.

So, on Sunday morning we head down to visit the guy that rents kayaks. He pulls out two kayaks that have seen better days, swirls the mud on the seat around in a circle in an attempt to clean them up, tells us, “Bueno!” (ready to go!) and has us climb aboard our kayaks.

I should have been doing this every day for exercise, if nothing else. Kayaking is great! We paddled all the way out to the center and then off to San Juan, which is around the bend. It was hot and the lake was calm, which made for a great day.

Interestingly, the tourist filled lanchas always stare at you when they speed by. Even the people on the other side of the boat maneuver so they can stare. It’s totally awkward. Who knows if they’re still looking when 20 seconds later, the ensuing wake from the motorboat sends you on a little adventure!

Two and a half hours later my legs are literally sizzling from the Guatemalan sun and I plead to make our way back for some shade and lunch. My new friend agrees and we make our way back along the shore.

San Pedro Kayak

San Pedro Kayak

Water Is Worth More Than Gold

Water Is Worth More Than Gold

Kayaking is great. I’m doing this everywhere I go.

Lucky Me

So last week, on break from our Spanish lessons, all the English speakers were talking in our own little group and, them all being new to San Pedro, were anxious to get out and do stuff. They all suggested to climb La Nariz del Indio (Indian’s Nose Mountain). Of course, at this point, I’m in my 4th week here and have done plenty so I decline.

One of the girls kinda (harmlessly) gives me a hard time.

“…but we need a 4th person for the discount!”

I kinda felt on the spot, but held my stance since my foot was just starting to hurt that day and I’ve already done tons in the weeks prior. In any case, the owner of the school decided to help them get the discount. No harm, no foul.

So, the next day (after class), the 3 of them head out on an adventure to climb La Nariz del Indio. This is what it looked like.

La Nariz del Indio

La Nariz del Indio

They leave mid-afternoon and, like clockwork, the clouds start rolling in for a potential hour of downpour. Sadly (for them), today was no ordinary day!

One hour and a half into their climb, and probably 3/4 of the way up the mountain, this is my view of the mountain as me and the owner sit comfortably watching videos online over fresh coffee.

This video doesn’t even do justice to the amount of rain that was coming down. It was ridiculous. LOL

* By the way, that boom at the beginning of the video is someone letting off a firework. It happens ALL THE TIME in all the pueblos – probably signifying a celebration of some sort. This one was by far the loudest one I heard and it scared the crap out of me, as you can see. It was right behind me!

Anyway, we were legitimately worried about them being caught in a mudslide or trapped somewhere up there. Luckily, several hours later they come shivering up the steps, completely drenched (and probably freezing – I was freezing with my jacket on). They didn’t say much on their way to the room, but I think we all know who made the right decision that day. LOL

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  • Walt & Jamie on August 23, 2013

    The lake looks beautiful. Ya know we have lakes out here in Missouri..

  • John Z on November 10, 2013

    Man it looks awesome there Paullie! And good call on sitting tight instead on hiking in a the torrential downpour. Can’t believe how hard it was ranking there…

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